New Client Datasheet

Client Information and Media Datasheet

Thank you for choosing RLJ Online Marketing.  We are excited to begin working on your behalf.  Before we can begin, however, we do need some important information from you.  The form below details the information we need.  

We understand that not all the questions on the form pertain to your unique situation, so just complete the sections you feel apply to your situation.    Thank you.

Client Data and Media Worksheet


Website & Hosting Provider Information

  • Regardless of whether we are building your website, updating it, or simply conducting SEO activities, we will require the information below to access vital hosting and design information. Please remember passwords are case sensitive.

Company Contact Information


Media Upload Section

  • Please use this section to upload any graphics you would like to use for your website or images you want distributed to Social Media. You may submit this form multiple times if you have more images and media than space provided. Simply include (Continued) after the company name


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this datasheet.  It is very important and will speed up your website design.  Please use this link for all future uploads and changes to your website information.

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