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Finally, Website's Done...

Here Come The Sales!

Congratulations on your new website.  You’ve probably put a lot of time and money into it.

You’ve created awesome graphics, stunning effects and jaw dropping content.  You’ve got it made, right?

seo local seo

We have just one question…

Why Aren’t Your Phones Ringing?

seo local seo

Probably because despite the fact that your new site is incredible, it’s not being seen.  Kind of like keeping that new Ferrari covered by a blanket, in the garage.


Most likely, your great creation is languishing on page five, six, or worse and the only people who’ve seen it are the ones you reached out to.  Sound about right?  You know, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Here’s How We Do It

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Keyword optimization – We research keywords that are trending and also very low competition.  Often this means targeting niche categories, where the total hit count may be lower, but your chance of being seen is higher.
Quality Backlinks – We know how to get the right people to link to your content and to your site.  It’s all about who you know, and in online marketing that has never been more true.
Optimized Content – There’s content and then there’s amazing content.  We make sure your content has all the bells and whistles Google search bots are looking for.
Keyword Auditing – Let’s face it, knowing which keywords will work best is often a game of trial and error.  You need to be changing it up monthly in order to attract the right audience.
Content & HTML Formatting – With over 200 ranking factors to consider, it’s easy to miss critical formatting rules.  We go through your content with a fine tooth comb and make sure your content is optimized for speed, precise targeting, and efficient design.
Local Optimization
Citation Sites – What are they?  websites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, Angies List, etc…  We make sure you are listed properly and that your profile is complete.  This means ensuring proper backlinks, keywording and more.
Review Mining – We actively work to increase your reviews by working with your existing clients as well as others who know your company.  We also interact on your behalf, with all review submissions and let you know if there are any that may have a negative impact on your business.
Social Media Networking – We create a unified network of information flow between your social media accounts and your local citation sites as well as your website.  A virtual web of connected sites and information.
Keywords & Backlinks – Finally, we make sure that each citation site pulls its weight.  The ultimate goal is to garner quality backlinks, and to do that we have to monitor each site and make sure the link registers with the search engines.
Reporting & Support
Detailed Reports – Not everyone needs or wants monthly reporting, but if you do, it’s here for you.  We provide detailed statistics on such things as click through, bounce rate, total visits and demographics.  You can get them every month or just when you want to know, its up to you.
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